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Let us care an maintain the beauty of your flowers, ornamental shrubs, and ground cover to keep them looking their best. Decorative beds require continuous care and attention throughout our growing and dormant seasons.

Weeds can quickly overtake your beds, suffocating your plants and leaving the entire garden looking wilted and neglected. Worse yet, weeding your flower and shrub gardens is hard work. You can spend countless hours on your hands and knees, digging out the unwanted growth that is wreaking havoc on your decorative blooms and plants.


Pruning is the selective removal of plant parts, including branches, buds, leaves, blooms and roots. Pruning can involve the removal of living, dying or dead plant parts. ... This leads to mistakes and may waste time and resources on pruning that may not be necessary or pruning too late in the plant's life


Removal of undesirables from the area in question that are not wanted in the planted area


Besides water and sun, flowering plants need fertilizer to produce healthy, colorful blossoms. Every high-quality plant food contains a mixture of three essential nutrients: nitrogen, for healthy growth of vibrant green leaves and stems, and phosphorus and potassium, which stimulate root growth and flower production.